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Thoughts: Our CoC Community
by Sunnie Mao

The College of Chemistry majors are challenging and exhausting to say the least. Fortunately, I have been blessed with amazing friends in the CoC who have helped me along this journey. The CoC community has this special bond – unconditional support.

Because the CoC is smaller than other colleges on campus, this support transcends through all grade levels. The other day, I received an unexpected email saying, “If I remembered correctly, you said you had your interview at 8am yesterday? Do you want me to scan you the ChemE lecture notes?” Simple acts of kindness like this make me be enamored with our CoC community.

I am proud of all CoC students not because we have the best majors on campus, but because we are an extremely supportive community. I can guarantee that you will always find CoC students helping one another in Bixby.