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by Samuel Ho

The Undergraduates of Chemistry, in collaboration with the College of Chemistry and UC Berkeley’s American Institute of Chemical Engineers chapter, hosted its first annual Autumnfest. Autumnfest was a huge success with more than 300 attendees, including undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs, and professors. They all gathered in the Chemistry plaza to enjoy the festivity, refreshments and Cheeseboard pizza. A live-student band started the night on a high note. Students and faculty alike engaged in stimulating conversations. Meanwhile, volunteers helped take Polaroid pictures of the attendees, passed out raffle tickets for prizes, and made sure everyone had a good time.

As students enjoyed their pizza, Betty Wong, who recently graduated from the CoC, and Dean Majda were both pleased to announce the launch of the first Autumnfest and the College of Chemistry Undergraduate website. Doug Fung and Sunnie Mao emceed the event and announced the winners of the raffle. Some of the prizes included two full-color double-sided periodic table posters with signatures from our very own College of Chemistry professors and a $200 dinner voucher at Trattoria La Siciliana with Professor Phillip Geissler. Leanne Chan, Swetha Akella, both sophomores in the College of Chemistry, directed volunteers. Tessa Chu, Emily Chen, and many other honorable volunteers assiduously helped set up the festival.

Generous grants from the College of Chemistry and AIChE made this event possible. We look forward to next year’s even larger Autumnfest!